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Rally to Read 2020 Hosts
Cash donations qualify for a tax deduction and will receive a Section 18A certificate. All cash donations made to the Rally to READ project qualify as Social Economic Development assistance and will benefit 100% black beneficiaries, as defined by the BEE Codes of Good Practice and will receive the relevant documentation supporting this.

Delivering hope for a better future
Rally to Read is an extraordinary story – of caring, collaboration and hope.”
– Cyril Ramaphosa.

Almost all rural schools have one lack in common – educational resources. It is in this need that the Rally to Read provides.

Sponsors, organisers and participants of the Rally have visited the most remote and needy schools in rural areas to deliver books, teaching aids, science kits, sports equipment, educational toys and other material – all of which are taken for granted at urban schools. 

But most of all, the Rally delivers hope to rural learners, their teachers and their parents for a better future. 

Watch Jonsson Workwears 2018 rally overview video here.